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Individual Counseling
Survivors of sexual violence may need the support of an experienced counselor trained in sexual violence who can help them process their trauma history and be a guide during their healing process.

Our licensed healingSPACE clinicians are available for day and evening appointments to work with individual clients to help them identify and establish goals for counseling.

Clients must be at least 13 years old, and those under 18 need parental consent for ongoing counseling. A phone screening and intake are required before counseling can begin. Counseling is free.

Call 201-881-1733 to learn more about individual counseling.

Group Counseling
Isolation and disconnection are at the core of a survivor’s experience of sexual violence. Connecting with others who have had similar experiences can help an individual build relationships and trust, and are an important piece of the healing process. The group experience has been found to be a powerful healing tool, whether the history of sexual assault or abuse occurred recently or in the past.

All healingSPACE groups are facilitated by state-licensed, Master’s-level clinicians and are free.  A phone screening and intake are required before joining any of our groups.  

Groups include:

Survivors of Abuse and Rape (SOAR)

This group is for adult women who have experienced sexual violence as children and/or sexual assault as adults.

The Men’s Group

This group is for adult men who have experienced sexual violence.

Significant Other & Loved Ones Support Group

This group is for the spouses, significant others, and loved ones of survivors of sexual violence.

Grief or Loss Support Group

For survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones, this group focuses on the non-traditional losses associated with surviving sexual violence.

Call our Counseling Department at 201-881-1733 to learn more about our support groups.

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